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Health - are you at Risk?

Understand your risk of developing:
Diabetes - Heart Disease - Dementia - Lung Disorders - Cancer.

Clinically Valid

World leading clinicians and experts validate all the Q Score risk scores and advice.


Learn exactly how you, can make small simple changes to reduce your risks.

Q = Health. Understood.

Simple to use, easy to understand, effective to follow
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Q = Health. Understood.

Simple to use, easy to understand, effective to follow

Health Dashboard & Timeline

At a glance see your overall health Q Score, each individual disease risk scores and your timeline of actions, results, successes and improvements.

Update your score, double check your personalised health advice or just see how your health his improving.

Clinically Valid Assessments

Each of the health risk assessments have been developed with leading clinical experts, ensuring the questions asked and the underlying risk calculations are absolutely clinically valid.

If we are asking, it is beacuase it will affect your risk scores and the personalised advice given to you.

You, Illuminated

The outcome of your assessment is to place you in a Queue of 100 people just like you, with ever decreasing health state.

You want to be as near to the back, #100, as possible.
Where will you be?

Plus, we don't just show you your current risk score, we also show you exactly where you can be...

...and how to get there!

Knowing where you can get to in the Q(ueue) is brilliant, but how do you get there?

Here we tell you. Tailored and prioritised to your own personal circumstances. Open up each section to learn more and be in no doubt as to what you need to do.

Clinically Validated, Medically Accurate - Life Changing

Your Q Score's Five Disease Risks - Understand, Take Action, Improve

Heart Disease

The #1 global killer.
31% of deaths annually, over 17 million people, are deaths caused by cardiovasular disease.

cardiovascular disease


Dementia is a global health priority and it's on the rise. It is NOT however a natural or inevitable part of the ageing process, as many think.


Q covers six of our most common cancer problems - Breast, Prostate, Lung, Colon, Skin & Cervical

c.o.p.d - lung disorders


Focussing specifically on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), this one of the leading causes of death worldwide..


One of the fastest growing and most dangerous health diseases of our modern times.

your Q Score
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Why we built Q?

It's all about you!

It's a big challenge trying to change the world, but it's a challenge we've taken a step further towards with our Q Score mobile app.

Our goal, our vision, indeed our passion, is simply to help people live longer, happier, healthier lives.

If we can change your world through our app, we've accomplished exactly what we set out to achieve.

Q Score is available on:

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We are based in the cosmopolitan city centre of Nottingham, England. Where we work tirelessly to develop apps to help people live longer, happier and healthier lives.

If you are passing through, we'd love for you to drop by, say hi and tell us how the Q Score has helped you.

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